Buy Eucoord2020's services

EUCoord2020 for proposal writing is free. 

EUCoord2020 for project management can be bought for one year or a multiple of this and the fee is related to the number of partners.


The license is intended for the whole Management of one single Project: it is purchased by the Coordinator and used by the whole consortium.

Coordinator and Partners will have different and protected accesses on the same Project.

Three different EUCoord2020 license packages are available: up to 10 Partners, from 10 to 20 Partners or unlimited number of Partners.

All packages will receive the full features including Consortium Management and Project Planning,  Financial Accounting, Reports Generation and Web-site Management. The packages also comprise 2 hours of online training.

EUCoord2020 fee is a Project eligible Management cost (100% refunded).


EUCoord2020 10
(1 YEAR)

EUCoord2020 full features
maximum 10 users
2 hours of online training included.

1600 € per year


EUCoord2020 20
(1 YEAR)

EUCoord2020 full features
maximum 20 users
2 hours of online training included

2800 € per year


EUCoord2020 UL
(1 YEAR)

EUCoord2020 full features
unlimited number of accesses
2 hours of online training included

3500 € per year


VAT is excluded.
Payment is due in advance for 12 months (or a multiple of this).
After the expiry date of the paid period, if you need to keep on working to the Project with EUCOORD, the license has to be renewed.